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Revelation read-thru

Our new blog series—REVELATION READ-THRU, (an overview of the book of Revelation) has begun!

We are teaching expositorally through the entire book of Revelation to give you a skeletal structure of this seemingly mysterious and definitely marvelous book.

The 55 scenes of Revelation will be randomly inserted between our regular Zealous for HIS Glory! blog articles as we methodically observe all 22 chapters. Several installments are already online so be sure and check them out. Sign up for our RSS feed while you are there and each Zealous for HIS Glory! blog will be delivered to you as soon as it goes online!

Don’t want to dig through the backlog of blogs to find all the Revelation ones? No problem! We offer slightly edited versions of every blog all in one place! Just click here to go to the REVELATION OBSERVATION STUDY SERIES.

In addition to the Zealous for HIS Glory! blogs and the Revelation Observation Study Series, over 6 hours of Expository Teaching Audios covering the entire book of Revelation are available. Use whichever format works best for you, ask a friend to study together with you, and then join us for a great time in the Book of Revelation!

Brand New Resources Now Online!

More Observation Bible Study Guides from our latest book of the Bible collection PSALMS—The SONGS are now online!

Recent Psalms just added are: Psalm 1Psalm 2Psalm 3Psalm 4Psalm 5Psalm 6Psalm 7Psalm 8Psalm 9Psalm 10Psalm 11Psalm 13Psalm 14Psalm 15, Psalm 16, Psalm 17Psalm 18Psalm 19Psalm 20, and Psalm 21. Whew! We now have 23 of the Psalms available for you (that’s over 15%). Only 127 to go!

This new collection recently previewed with Observation Bible Study Guides for Psalm 12Psalm 99, along with Psalm 83Pay particular attention to the nations in the Psalm 83 study—you might just notice some of today’s "world players"!

Psalms is the 19th book of the Old Testament. It is the songbook of the Biblea collection of prayers, supplications, praise, thanksgiving, historical accounts, laments, meditations, and prophecy. Common themes in the Psalms include the Messiah, mourning, cries for help, God’s vengeance on the unrighteous, Mount Zion or Jerusalem, repentance, joy, and prophecy. David, along with several other authors wrote the Psalms over a period of perhaps 1,000 years. It appears that most of the Psalms were originally accompanied by instruments. Sadly, we no longer have the melodies or the arrangements of the Psalms—but gladly, and of utmost importance, we still have the very Word of God.

Jesus, in the gospel of Luke, states that He is spoken of by Moses and all the prophets; then He proceeds to show things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures. He goes on to say that all things which are written about Him in the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms must be fulfilled. (Luke 24:44)  Jesus, as well as some of the New Testament authors, quote many of the Psalms.

Ezra cover

EZRA—The HISTORY is our latest Observation Bible Study Guide. (The verse by verse expository audio teaching will be available soon with video to follow!)

The historical book of Ezra begins where 2 Chronicles left off. God's people, the Southern Kingdom of Judah, had been exiled in Babylon for 70 years. It was now time to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple!

God had sent His people into captivity in Babylon because of their sin and He was now bringing them back—but they needed to be holy to Him. Zerubbabel led the first group of exiles back from Babylon to rebuild Temple. Ezra’s work in leading the second group back to Jerusalem, however, would be to rebuild the holiness of the people! There could be no worship without the temple—and just as certainly, there could be no worship without holy worshipers!

1 John cover

Be sure and check out 1 JOHN—The LETTER one of the recent Observation Bible Study Guides from WORD Center Ministries.

John, the author of the gospel of John, the book of Revelation, and the letters of 2 John and 3 John, also wrote 1 John. His letter was written so that true believers might know they have eternal life. The theme of the book of 1 John is not simply a discourse on the truth, but an exhortation to believe the truth and walk in it!

John clearly and firmly repudiates the lie that a believer does not need to look like His Father. Sons are supposed to look like their fathers because it brings glory to the father. In this day and age of independence and rebellion, the purpose of families is often forgotten. God established families in order to show us a picture of Who He is and what He expects from us. If we are saved, we are born of God; and if we are born of God, we are to resemble Him as closely as possible. This resemblance shows the world Who God really is and brings Him Glory!

2 John cover

The OSBG (Observation Bible Study Guide) for 2 JOHN—The LETTER is uploaded and waiting to be studied!

John wrote this letter to those whom he loved very much for the sake of the truth. He exhorted them to continue to walk in God's commandments because spiritual deceivers were on the increase. He warned true believers to not even give a greeting to anyone who had gone outside the teaching of Christ… or they would become participants in their evil deeds!

This is pretty important stuff for the real church to know given the apostate position of the visible church at large today.

3 John cover

WORD Center Ministries’ Observation Bible Study Guide for 3 JOHN—The LETTER is now online and ready for use!

John’s purpose in this letter was to encourage believers to become fellow workers for the truth by helping those who were teaching the truth. The book of 3 John deals with the exhortation to receive “truthers”—those who have a good testimony regarding the delivery of the truth.

Are the warnings and exhortations in John’s letters something we need to know today? Oh, yes! We may not have the exact same situation of itinerant preachers as in John’s day, but we certainly have a much greater quantity of preachers and teachers that want to reach us. Snail mail, e-mail, the internet, along with a much greater mobility in our world make us susceptible to a multitude of false workers.

How will we know the deceivers of 2 John from the truthers of 3 John? We need to know the Word of God. We need to study the Word of God book by book, over and over again, embracing the truth in it, responding rightly to the God Who wrote it and urging others to do the same.

Bezalel Gallery

Scripture Design Spotlight for March — Ephesians 2:1-10

Ephesians 2 1-10 split 20X16

When exploring our website, don’t miss Bezalel Gallery — our collection of high resolution graphic designs featuring God’s Word alone.

Bezalel Gallery Scripture Designs are free and downloadable for your personal use (not for profit) even though they are copyrighted. And yes, you may use them as gifts! We only ask that you direct people back to WORDCenterMinistries.org wherever you use them (on the web or printed).

Don’t see a particular Scripture in the gallery? In an effort to do everything we can to magnify His Word, we take requests for specific passages in your own color choice.  Just let us know of your request by contacting us at info@WORDCenterMinistries.org and we will let you know when we have finished the design and uploaded it to our website. At that time you will be able to download your free custom Scripture Design.

Major Upcoming Website Uploads!

SPIRITUALS—The GIFTS Speaking of Tongues… Can We Talk?

It’s that squally question of the ages, "Are Tongues for today?" Guess what? We found the equable conclusion! "Where at?", you ask. "What’s the answer???", you scream!!!

Hold on… Hold on... We got it straight from the One Who knows—GOD! We take all the doctrine the Bible has to hold on the subject of Spiritual Gifts and observe it inductively. We then take you verse by verse through each and every doctrinal segment the Bible has to offer on Spiritual Gifts. (We do not elevate events to the level of teaching or doctrine—instead, we thoroughly study the doctrinal teaching on the subject, leaving God to explain the events in His Word to you, Himself.)

The format is different than our Observation Bible Study Guides. (We are by no means dropping our OBSG format, in fact, Lord willing, we hope to finish all 66 books of the Bible for you in a timely fashion. We just thought this subject and style were a perfect fit.) Although we ask observation questions about every single verse, we also answer them all by showing you the answer in the Word of God. This book is a sit-down and enjoy-yourself-immensely afternoon read! If you had read this book already, you wouldn’t be able to wait to read it… that is, if you hadn’t read it already… er.. well… Anyway, you are going to want to read this book!!! It is making its way through the proofing, editing, and production processes right now.

Honestly, we haven’t been this excited to produce a new product magnifying God’s Word, well… since the last time we produced a new product magnifying God’s Word. Oh... this is not quite conveying our true excitement, but we wanted to give you a heads-up so you could get excited too. Try! Your excitement won’t be disappointed… and neither will you! Oh, and about that equable conclusion… it’s in The BOOK (and ours, too!)



The entire book of Isaiah, all 66 chapters, verse by verse, will be available in an Observation Bible Study Guide, hopefully this spring. ISAIAH—The PROPHECY has taken over 8 years to write.  There is nothing quite like it anywhere else that we know of.  We ask Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How questions of each and every one of the 1,292 verses in Isaiah. The Word speaks for Itself.

HIStory - History is HIS Story!

HIStory Cover Front Final copy

HIStory: From Event To Event The Bible Is One Story, an Observation Bible Study Guide for the entire Bible is, without a doubt, the most important work we have ever done! History— past, present, and future—is HIStory! 

Over 13 years in the making and HIStory is finally published.  Not only is it published, it is being sold at a very reasonable price ($19.95 for a 438 page text book). If you haven't checked out HIStory, you really should. It's an observation of the whole Bible, using the inductive study method, showing that event after event the Bible is really only One Story — HIS Story!

It can be purchased through our store (click on the “Store” button on the top right hand corner of the website), or at Amazon.

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