At Word Center Ministries, our goal is to help, train, encourage, and exhort people to study God’s Word. What we offer here on the website, we offer freely as a work of faith and labor of love attempting to fulfill the task that God has given us.

Everything we offer is copyrighted, but you may duplicate anything here for your own study, or if you are trying to help teach others, or to provide others with the same tools that you have been given (such as a teacher of a small Bible study group making copies of study guides for his students to use).

However, you may not duplicate any of these works for the purpose of selling them, and you may not manipulate or change any of our materials or documents in any way.

Everything on this website is provided in the hope that you will study the Bible in order to hear God’s Word for yourself. We are a small ministry and it takes much time, energy, and funds to carry out this task. We have made most of these materials available for free download so that no one will go without. In doing this, we also anticipate that those who have been fed by these resources and are financially able will support Word Center Ministries in continuing to put free Bible Study materials on the web for others. There is so much more that we have to put online but it all takes time and money.

We don’t ask for any specific amounts, large or small; we simply ask that if you have received spiritual help by what you have received here, you respond Biblically by gladly supporting the work so that we may be all the more equipped to serve.

WORD Center Ministries, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your tax-deductible donations enable us to provide as many free Bible Study materials as possible. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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